Scraps en Casserole

Take the tail of a steak and any odds and ends of meat and sear them in a frying pan with fat. Slice up two cooked carrots, turnips, cold boiled potatoes and any other vegetables you wish and brown them in the fat in the frying pan. Take juice of a can of tomatoes and half a cup of hot water. Have a beanpot (hot) and put in… Continue reading

Pressed Chicken

Cut up two good sized chickens, season with salt, pepper and butter the size of an egg; stew slowly until the meat will drop from the bones; chop the meat fine, mix with it the gravy left in the kettle (less than half a pint), and pack into a dish or mold, with a weight over it. Slice when cold… Continue reading

Pressed Veal

Boil two or three pounds of veal until quite tender and the water stewed down to the smallest amount. Cut or pick into pieces and pack in a deep mold or dish. Put half an ounce of softened gelatine into the liquor in the kettle, and when blended, pour over the meat and let cool… Continue reading

Seasoning Sausage

For sixty pounds of sausage meat, use eleven heaping teaspoonfuls of salt, six of black pepper, four of allspice (if liked), three of ginger, and three of dried ground sage; weigh the meat and proportion the above amounts.
The seasoning should be ground and mixed before putting with the meat, but it is well to grind it with the meat, scattering it through the amount. A few pods of red… Continue reading