Crown of Lamb

From 1917: Select parts from two loins containing ribs, scrape flesh from bones between ribs as far as the lean meat. Then trim off the back bone. Shape each piece in a semi-circle, having ribs on the outside, then sew pieces together to form a crown. Trim the ends of the bones off evenly and be sure not to leave them too long. Wrap each bone in a strip of… Continue reading


Make a short crust with ¼ lb. dripping or lard rubbed into ¾ lb. of flour, a little salt, and enough water to form a pliable paste. Roll out on a floured board to about half an inch thick. Cut into rounds, two for each patty-tin. Grease the tins, line them with one round of pastry, and put into each about a dessertspoonful of cold cooked mutton, minced small, and… Continue reading


Select two pounds of the scrag end of young mutton. Cut the meat into small pieces, discarding all superfluous fat. Place in a casserole, after browning over in a little hot dripping, and add one cupful of dried flageolets (which are green-colored French beans), one pint of boiling water, two onions cut in slices, salt, celery salt and pepper to taste, and one small head of lettuce, torn… Continue reading

Minced Lamb with Olives

Toast small pieces of bread and place where they will keep hot. Remove skin and gristle from lamb and chop the meat. Add gravy to moisten the cooked meat and half cup of chopped green olives. Season with pepper and salt, and after thoroughly heating, place it on the toast and serve… Continue reading

Lamb Soufflé

From 1922:

Two cups cold, cooked, chopped lamb,
1 ½ cups milk,
½ cup stale, soft bread crumbs,
1 ½ teaspoons salt,
½ teaspoon paprika,
3 eggs, whites and yolks, beaten separately,
2 tablespoons butter,
1 teaspoon finely cut parsley.

Heat milk, bread crumbs and butter and cook until thickened; add meat and seasonings and beaten egg yolks. Beat whites of eggs until stiff, then carefully fold them… Continue reading