Mrs. Ex-Senator McDonald’s Plum Pudding

Mrs. McDonald’s housekeeping has a national reputation, for many statesmen have tested the hospitality of her lovely home in Indianapolis. She never appears at better advantage than at the head of her daintily appointed table, where her wonderful tact and knowledge of the world comes into play to make her friends feel themselves at home. The McDonalds spend, as a rule, their winters in Washington, and will in the near… Continue reading

Mrs. Coves’ Plum Pudding

Mrs. Coves, wife of Dr. Elliot Coves, the noted theosophist, is as notable a housewife as her husband is a scientist, and erudite discussions are not the only attractions that draw the literati to her hospitable home. The recipe for English plum pudding which she gives is vouched for, and, as the ingredients are given with mathematical precision, its manufacture will doubtless prove easy. The pudding will keep all winter… Continue reading