Barley Nut Doughnuts

From 1919:
Barley nut doughnuts of the best variety can be made with little trouble from the following recipe:
1 tablespoon of melted lard,
¼ cup honey,
¼ cup corn syrup,
1 egg,
¾ cup buttermilk,
3 ½ cups barley flour,
1 teaspoon salt,
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg,
½ teaspoon soda,
3 teaspoons baking powder,
¼ cup chopped nuts.
Cream together the melted lard, honey and syrup. Add the egg… Continue reading

Moist Doughnuts

From 1922:

Cream together three-fourths cups sugar and three tablespoons any preferred shortening; add one teaspoon nutmeg, one cup warmed mash potatoes, and one quarter cup sweet milk. Mix all well together, stirring all the time. Now sift together two and a half cups flour, three teaspoons baking powder and one teaspoon salt and add to the first mixture, mixing well with the hands until it forms a dough… Continue reading


Danish Kleiner Recipe.
”In reply to the requests for Danish recipes, I send one for Danish kleiner, and I am sure it will be satisfactory. It was handed down to me by my mother, who was born and brought up in Denmark. The proportions I give will make about 100 medium sized cakes. It sounds like a large quantity, but I usually have to hide those I make – they… Continue reading