Put eight link sausages (or as many as your

From 1912:

Put eight link sausages (or as many as your family may require) into a deep frying pan and cover with cold water. Prick the covers of the sausages to prevent bursting before yon do this. Bring to a steady boil and keep this up for half an hour. Let the sausages get cold in the water. When they are dead-cold strip off the covers (i. e.: the thin membranes in which they are enveloped). Do this carefully, not to break the meat. Have ready as many oblong pieces of pastry or biscuit dough as yon have sausages. Wrap one in each oblong piece of pastry, folding over and pinching the edges neatly to keep them from bursting open. Lay in a floured bake pan, the joined sides of of the rolls downward, and cover with another pan. Set in the oven and bake, covered, twenty minutes. Then take off the upper pan and brown. Send around apple sauce with them. It you have the sausage meat in bulk, form into rolls and cook half an hour in a covered pan. Do not try to make the dish with raw sausage meat. It will be raw at heart when the crust is done. And rare pork is a culinary solecism, besides being unwholesome.