How to Cure Hams

From 1905:
For hams averaging twelve pounds each, have ready one and a half gallons of best salt, one pound of good brown sugar, one eighth pound of powdered saltpetre, one ounce of black pepper, and one half ounce of cayenne. Cut the joints into proper shapes, without unnecessary bone and fat, and lay them on a board or table. First rub the skin well with salt, and lay each… Continue reading

Boiled Ham for 200 Persons

Two 12 or 14 pound hams should be plenty to serve 200 persons. The ham will eat to best advantage if cooked in the following way:
Cleanse the ham, place in large boilers, cover with cold water, heat gradually to boiling point and cook slowly forty-five minutes. Place in fireless cooker overnight, allowing 17 to 18 hours, and cool in water in which it was cooked.… Continue reading


From 1916:

Washington’s birthday, for a long time observed with fine oratory, is becoming a day of family gatherings and general entertainments. There should be a flavor of colonial culinary about the Washington day dinner, and of course it should include a Martha Washington recipe. Virginia baked ham is a dish sure to tickle the palate of the modern epicure, and here is “Lady Washington’s” “own recipe” for a… Continue reading