Luncheon Sausage

always good in summer

While the use of pork during hot months is more or less taboo, sausage is very acceptable, from frankfurters to the delicately seasoned imported sausages. These sausages are delicious sandwich fillings or can be served sliced with salad as cold meat or lightly broiled and served with mayonnaise and lettuce on toast as a hot open sandwich. Smoked pork sausage is always good in summer just as any smoked meat or fish.

Put the small link sausage in frying pan. Pour over boiling water to half cover, cover closely and simmer until
water evaporates. Prick each sausage with a fork and fry to a delicate brown on all sides.
Drain on heavy paper. In meantime prepare fresh pineapple in fan-shaped slices. The slices should be not more than three-eighths of an inch thick. Put the pineapple in the pan the sausage was cooked in, sprinkle with sugar and simmer over a slow fire until the fruit is tender. It will take 15 minutes.
If the sausage was not very fat add a little butter. The sugar melts with the butter or sausage fat and caramelizes. Return sausage to the pan for the last five minutes of cooking to insure blending of the juices and perfect hotness. Arrange sausage and pineapple on a hot platter and garnish with watercress. Allow one piece of pineapple for each sausage. Canned pineapple may be used.