Cheese Salad

Dissolve half a tablespoonful of gelatine in two tablespoonfuls of boiling water and when cold beat into half a pint of chilled cream that has been beaten solid and to which has been added a quarter of a pound of grated American cheese, one tablespoonful of chopped walnuts and salt and paprika to taste. Pour into a square mold and when firm cut in slices and serve on lettuce leaves… Continue reading

Easter Salad

Lay on individual plates four crisp pieces of romaine in fan shape and between the stalks lay thin, wedge shaped pieces of hard boiled egg. On each of the leaves place small balls made from chopped pickled beets, capers, minced celery and thick mayonnaise dressing and garnish with tiny pink radishes and a few asparagus tips… Continue reading

Potato Salad for 200 Persons

30 lbs. potatoes
8 cupfuls celery
1 large bunch parsley
8 tablespoonfuls onion juice
3 quarts of French dressing (about)
Cook potatoes in dice or slices, add finely chopped celery and parsley and onion juice. Pour over dressing, mix well and allow to stand in cool place several hours before serving. If a little ham or bacon fat is added to water in which potatoes are cooked a… Continue reading


After pitting a quart of large white cherries, refill the spaces left by the removal of the stones with nut meats ground or broken coarsely.
Arrange the filled cherries upon crisp lettuce leaves and coat lightly with mayonnaise dressing, then sprinkle with grated cheese. For decoration, lay one or more cherries upon each ‘ help ‘ of salad.… Continue reading

Banana Ball Salad

From 1921:

Cut balls from the fruit with a vegetable scoop, squeeze over them a little lemon juice, drain and roll in chopped peanuts. Dispose on crisp lettuce leaves that have been dressed with French dressing.… Continue reading

Devilled Egg Salad

Cut hard cook eggs in half, lengthwise. Remove yolks, mash and mix with salt, pepper, dry mustard and enough mayonnaise to make a paste. Blend well and refill whites of eggs. Sprinkle with Paprika; serve in nest of crisp lettuce… Continue reading


Canned pineapple may be used in the salad. Remove from can and allow to stand at least three hours before Serving. Cut lettuce in fine strings. Make nest and put pineapple on top. Serve with French dressing, with spoon of cold cheese custard at side of plate… Continue reading

Tomato Jelly

From 1922:

With two cups of tomatoes chopped fine (either canned or fresh) cook a good size slice of onion, three cloves, a bay leaf, and a teaspoon each of salt and sugar and a dash of pepper. When cooked, rub through sieve and then add to the liquor half a package of soaked and dissolved gelatine. When gelatine is thoroughly dissolved pour the mixture into cups, place on… Continue reading

Fairy Salad

From 1922:

Halve three oranges, reserving the peel unbroken; remove the pulp and place on ice to stiffen. Cut fine together ½ cup figs and the same of dates, ½ cup of pineapple, and add sugar to taste, then mix thoroughly with mayonnaise. Fill the orange-skin shells with the mixture of fruits and finely cut orange, and serve on a bed of crisp lettuce leaves with whipped cream piled… Continue reading

Emerald Salad

From 1906:

Cut tops from green peppers; remove every particle of seed and membrane; let stand in salt water for an hour; then wipe dry and fill with the following, which has stood in dressing for twelve hours; cut one pint cold boiled potatoes into small dice; add enough thinly sliced cucumbers or pickles chopped to measure one-third more; then fill up measure with thinly sliced celery; season with… Continue reading

Apple Salad

From 1922:

Use one apple for each person to be served. (Large red firm apples are best). Cut off from the top of each apple a generous slice. Scoop out as much apple as possible, leaving only enough to form a secure case for the salad. Cut in small pieces the portion of the apple removed, together with pineapple and celery (also cut fine) using enough of the mixture… Continue reading

Mrs. Stanley Matthews’ Recipe for Chicken Salad

Take the meat, free from skin and fat, of two large boiled chickens, cut in dice; with this mix thoroughly an equal quantity of good, white, crisp celery, cut in small pieces; three olives, chopped; two teaspoonfuls of capers;
make a dressing of six spoonfuls of best imported olive oil, two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, two teaspoonfuls of salt and a dash of red pepper;
pour over the salad and let… Continue reading

Mrs. Gould’s Salty Salad

Another original salad with her, which she calls her “salty salad,” is made of
one cup of chopped olives,
one cup of chopped Roquefort cheese
and one-half cup of Spanish peppers cut fine.

For the dressing use three tablespoons of oil,
one tablespoon of lemon juice,
one-half teaspoon of mustard
and one-half teaspoon of black pepper.

When served it is arranged in individual portions on large crisp lettuce… Continue reading