Ingredients: 3oz. of butter, 3oz. of flour, 3oz. of cheese, a little salt, and cayenne.

Method: Rub the butter well into the flour. Rub in the grated cheese, add the salt and cayenne. Roll out the dough thin, cut into fingers about 1-inch wide and 3or 4 inches long. Place on a sheet of greased paper, bake in a hot oven for seven to ten minutes… Continue reading


From 1918:

6 potatoes
3 cupfuls milk
3 medium sized onions
½ cupful buttered crumbs
2 teaspoonful salt
12 tablespoonful grated cheese
¼ teaspoonful pepper

Peel and slice thin the potatoes and onions.
Place potatoes, onions, grated cheese and seasonings, in alternate layers, in a baking dish. Add the milk to cover, and scatter buttered bread crumbs and grated cheese on top. Bake in… Continue reading

Cheese Pie

One pint of cottage cheese, 1 cup of sour cream, not too acid, into which have been put a quarter teaspoonful of soda, 2 cups of sugar, 3 eggs, whites and yolks beaten, separately, the whites added last.
This will make one large square pie or two round pies of medium size.… Continue reading