Strawberry Preserves

Pick over, wash, drain and hull berries. Then weigh. Fill sterilized glass jars with strawberries. Make a syrup by boiling three-fourths their weight in sugar with water, allowing one cup to each pound of sugar. Cook syrup about fifteen minutes and skim. Pour syrup over fruit until jars overflow. Allow to stand about ten minutes, when fruit will have shrunk. More fruit must be added to fill jars… Continue reading

Gooseberry Jam

To eight pounds of gooseberries, tailed and topped, allow one quart of currant juice and five pounds of granulated sugar; put the sugar and currant juice in a porcelain lined kettle, boil and skim; then add the gooseberries, let them simmer gently for three-quarters of an hour, then set away for two days. Bring again quickly to a boiling point until every berry is perfectly transparent. During the… Continue reading


Marmalade: Remove stalks and seeds, and put the fruit into a preserving pan, barely cover with boiling water, and simmer gently till perfectly soft. Pass the whole through a fine sieve, and return the pulp to the preserving pan. To each pound add 12oz. to 16 oz. of sugar (according to the degree of sweetness required), and boil from 20 to 30 minutes, reckoning from the time the whole mass… Continue reading

Raisin Hot Cakes

Serve these with maple sirup some Sunday night for supper or as a dessert after a light dinner.

Two cups sour milk, ½ teaspoon salt, 1 ¼ teaspoons soda, 2 ¼ cups white flour, ¼ cup corn meal, 1 egg, ½ cup seeded and chopped raisins.

Mix and sift flour, salt and soda. Beat egg well and add sour milk. Add raisins to the first mixture and stir… Continue reading

Marrow Ginger

8 pounds vegetable marrow, 6 pounds sugar, 2 dessertspoonfuls of ground ginger, a quarter pound of preserved ginger, 3 lemons, half a teaspoonful of cayenne. Let marrow and sugar stand for 20 hours, and then boil until the syrup thickens like honey. The best marrows are the young ones. You should be able to press the thumb nail into the skin… Continue reading