Fried Oysters

Take the oysters out of the liquor with the lingers removing all bits of shell, and dry between soft cloths; season with salt and pepper, dip in flour, then in slightly beaten egg diluted with a
tablespoonful of cold water, then in finely rolled cracker or bread crumbs or corn meal. Dip this twice. Fry in deep, hot fat, and dip out when a rich brown (which should be very… Continue reading


You require 1 tin of salmon, 1 pint of milk, 2 tablespoonfuls of flour, 1 tablespoonful of butter, some fine breadcrumbs, and salt and pepper. Slightly melt the butter in a saucepan, and add the flour gradually stirring all the time. Add the milk and seasoning; stir again until it boils, and then pour in the liquor from the tin of salmon. Now turn the contents of the tin (salmon)… Continue reading


Ingredients : 1 lb. of cold fish, a teacupful of rice, 2 hard-boiled eggs, 2ozs. of butter, a little pepper and salt, curry to taste.

Method : Boil the rice, then strain and set aside near the fire to dry. Cut up the eggs into small pieces, break the cold fish into small flakes, removing both bone and skin. Put the butter in a saucepan to… Continue reading


From 1922:

Ingredients : 1lb. of cooked salt-fish, 2 hard-boiled eggs (sliced), 2oz. of flour. 2oz. of butter, 1 dessertspoonful of curry powder. 1 dessertspoonful of chutney, 2oz. of boiled rice, 1 pint of milk.

Method : Flake the fish, removing all skin and bones, and place aside. Melt the butter in a stewpan, and mix the flour smoothly with it. Stir for a… Continue reading

Creole of Halibut (Baked)

Cook for 20 minutes two cups of tomatoes, one cup water, two slices onions, five cloves and one-half tablespoon sugar.
Melt three tablespoons of butter, add three tablespoons flour and stir until well blended. Then add to the tomato sauce or mixture, season with salt and pepper and cook 10 minutes. Force this through a strainer. Wipe a two pound piece of halibut, put into a buttered baking… Continue reading

Codfish Pudding

Three-quarters of a pound of codfish (pick it fine); six large potatoes. When the potatoes are done add the fish and mash together.
Add a good sized piece of butter, two well beaten eggs and three teaspoons of milk. Bake about 20 minutes in a pudding dish.… Continue reading

Crimped Cod

For this dish take a very fresh cod; cut into the bone on both sides with about two inches between each slice; then boil it in cold water with a little vinegar in it for about two hours. Put it on in boiling water with two handfuls of salt in it and boil gently till done, skimming carefully.
Drain and serve immediately with parsley and butter sauce.… Continue reading

Herring Salad

Boil two potatoes and skin; take two herrings, boned and chopped; two large sour apples, two small pickles. After having chopped all fine put in a salad bowl, with pepper, salt, oil and a little vinegar and half a tablespoon of chopped onions.
Boil two large eggs; chop the yolks and whites separate and prepare one side white and one side yellow… Continue reading