Frozen apple float

From 1917: Pare, core and quarter five juicy cooking apples. Cook one quarter of a cupful of water, two cloves, the grated rind of half a lemon, half a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon and half a cupful grated maple sugar. When soft, press through a sieve. When the apple puree is cold, beat the chilled whites of two eggs as swiftly as possible; add three tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar and… Continue reading

Raspberry Vinegar

Put two quarts of raspberries into a stone jar or granite kettle, pour over one quart of pure cider vinegar; cover and stand aside for two days; drain off the liquor without mashing the berries, and pour it over another quart of fresh fruit, placed in the same jar or kettle, and stand aside as before.
At the end of two days strain this carefully and pour it… Continue reading

Strawberry Wine

From 1904:

To the juice of three quarts of strawberries (mashed and strained), add one-half the quantity of red currant juice. Put to each quart of fruit juice one quart of water and one pound of loaf sugar. Ferment in a clean, sweet cask, leaving the bung out; when fermentation has finished, put into bottles and cork for use. Used for invalids and for flavoring purposes.… Continue reading


This is an admirable thirst quencher. It is pleasant and refreshing; it may be served hot or cold, and is good either way. Mix a tablespoonful of fine oatmeal into a smooth paste with cold water, stirring well all the time. Put the whole into a pan and boil until reduced to two pints. (Set aside to cool, then pour the clear gruel away from the sediment; add… Continue reading


Pour a pint of boiling water once over a sliced orange. When cold strain it and sweeten it to suit the palate.

Another Way to Make Orangeade:
Squeeze the juice from six oranges and two lemons into a quart of boiling water, then slice them and put them in with the juice. Pour the fluid frequently and quickly from one jug to another, and strain it.… Continue reading