Fudge Frosting

Melt two ounces of chocolate over hot water. Add two cupfuls of sugar and one cupful of milk. Stir while the sugar melts. When it reaches the boiling point beat vigorously and let cook to the soft ball stage, which is about 236 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove from the fire, add two tablespoonfuls of butter and let stand until cold, then beat until creamy and spread on cake.
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Uncooked Meringue

From 1922:

Beat two egg whites until stiff. Soak one tablespoon unflavored gelatine in three tablespoons cold water and dissolve it over hot water. When it is dissolved pour it through a strainer upon the egg whites and beat vigorously, adding eight tablespoons powdered sugar a little at a time, beating until all is well blended. Pile on top of pie or pudding and serve cold. I often use… Continue reading


Work two tablespoonfuls butter into two cupfuls powdered sugar, moistening with boiling water, beat hard for a few minutes and put the vessel containing it in a saucepan of water which is at a hard boil. Stir until scalding hot, put in a teaspoonful cornstarch moistened with cold water, boil up once, add a glass of good brandy, and remove from the fire.
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Tomato Mince Meat

For the Thanksgiving festival, mince meat should be made at least six weeks before it is wanted, in order that the flavors may be well blended.

Tomato Mince Meat
Chop fine eight pounds of green tomatoes; add six pounds of brown sugar, one ounce each of cloves, cinnamon, allspice, simmer slowly until the tomatoes are clear, then put into a covered jar, or seal.
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Cranberry Sauce

One quart cranberries,
two cups boiling water,
1 ½ to 2 cups sugar.

Boil sugar and water together for five minutes; skim; add the cranberries and boil without stirring (five minutes is usually sufficient) until all the skins are broken. Remove from the fire when the popping stops.

Strained Cranberry Sauce
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Lemon Cheese

I send you a recipe for lemon cheese as we made it in England, which is a nice change for filling for tartlets instead of jelly. I only left England five years ago, so I have many of our favourite dishes still fresh in my mind.

Lemon Cheese
Half pound sugar,
Quarter pound butter,
juice of two lemons and grated rind, if liked;
four eggs.

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Boil together a cup of brown sugar, a half cup of water, and a tablespoon of vinegar for ten minutes. After the boil begins, add a heaping tablespoon of butter and cook until you have a thick smooth sirup. This will require
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