Honey Caramels

2 cups granulated sugar
½ cup cream or milk
¼ cup honey
¼ cup butter
Mix ingredients, heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved; then cook without stirring until a firm ball can be formed from a little of the mixture when dropped into cold water. Then beat until it crystallizes; pour into battered pan, and cut into squares. Chopped nuts may be added.… Continue reading


One cupful milk, 2 cupfuls sugar, butter size of an egg, 2 heaping tablespoonfuls cocoa, ½ teaspoonful vanilla added just before beating. Boil until it makes a soft ball in water. Beat till it thickens, and pour into greased pans. A little more trouble makes a much more delicious candy. When the fudge is cooked, instead of beating immediately, let it stand until cold, then beat. The process… Continue reading


Soak 1 package gelatine in two-thirds cupful cold water five minutes. Dissolve 1 lb. sugar in two-thirds cupful cold water, and when it comes to boiling-point add the gelatine, and boil steadily 20 minutes. Add the grated rind and juice of one orange, and juice of one lemon. Wet tin with cold water, and pour in mixture to the depth of one inch. When firmly set, immerse mould… Continue reading


Soak ½ package gelatine in 10 tablespoonfuls water. Boil 2 cupfuls sugar with 10 tablespoonfuls water until it threads. Add gelatine to syrup, and let stand until partially cooled. Add a few grains of salt and flavouring to taste. Beat with a whip until stiff, then with a spoon until soft enough to settle into a sheet. Dust pans thickly with powdered sugar, pour in the candy about… Continue reading


From 1922:

Two cupfuls powdered sugar, ¼ boiled potato (mashed), ½ teaspoonful vanilla, butter size of a walnut. If consistency is not right, add a little hot water. Use this fondant to dip in chocolate and stuff dates or cover layer of fondant with layer of melted chocolate and cut in squares or oblongs.… Continue reading


One pound confectioner’s sugar, ½ cupful of grated cocoanut, 1 tablespoonful ice water, 1 teaspoonful vanilla, 1 egg-white. Mix sugar with ice-water, the white of 1 egg beaten stiff, vanilla and grated cocoanut. Mix thoroughly. Form this paste into little round buttercup shapes, and let them stand a few hours to harden.… Continue reading

Old-Fashioned Peach Leather

Wash two gallons of peaches, cut them in halves, and remove pits. Weigh the fruit, and to each pound allow a quarter of a pound of sugar. Put the peaches in a porcelain-lined kettle, cover and stew slowly, stirring occasionally until the mass is smooth and rather dark. Add the sugar and keep cooking until, when you put a teaspoonful in a saucer and cool it, it is… Continue reading

Candied Cherries

Stone and weigh the cherries. Allow to each pound of fruit one pound of granulated sugar.
Put the sugar in a porcelain-lined kettle; add half a cupful of water, stir until the sugar is dissolved, and skim when it reaches the boiling point.
Add the cherries; cover and push the kettle over a moderate fire where the cherries may simmer gently until transparent. Pour off the syrup, spread… Continue reading


From 1922:

Two level breakfast-cupfuls sugar, 4 rounded tablespoonfuls butter, 1 large tablespoonful golden syrup, 1 ¼ gills of water. Melt the butter in a saucepan; add the water, syrup, and sugar. Bring to the boil, and boil steadily until a little of the syrup, when dropped into-cold-water, becomes crisp and brittle. This is best tested by eating a piece. Pour into buttered-tins and mark into… Continue reading

Orange Sweetmeats

From 1911:

Put the oranges in salt and water and simmer them for a short time. Then remove them from the salt water and boil them in fresh until tender. Beat them into paste with an equal weight of sugar.
Then boil the paste until it is ready to candy, pour it into plates, dry it and cut into suitable shape.… Continue reading

Turkish Delight

From 1922:

2oz. of gelatine, 1 ½ pints water, a good pinch of citric acid; 2lb. sugar, coloring and flavoring. For the white part, pineapple, lemon, or vanilla. Pink part: Color with cochineal. Flavor with raspberry, rose, or strawberry essence. Melt gelatine in the water, then add the sugar and dissolve it slowly; then let boil for 20 minutes, stirring all the time; add citric acid, and color and… Continue reading

Glace nuts

Put a pound of granulated sugar and a half cup of cold water in a clean saucepan, bring to a boil and then without stirring cook until it spins a thread from the end of a fork dipped into it. Into this dip your blanched nuts, one at a time, take them out at once, and lay them on oiled paper. Use a pair of candy tongs or slender sugar… Continue reading

Mrs. Senator Cullom’s Candy

Mrs.Cullom has added her home to the other official ones on Massachusetts avenue, and is already settled in the lovely house, 1726. A candy table, over which Mrs. Cullom presided, and which she stocked with bon bons of her own manufacture, was the feature of one of the charity entertainments not long since. Every one was enthusiastic over the sweetness she dispensed, and declared it a shame that they could… Continue reading

Chocolate Creams

Beat the white of an egg very light with a teaspoon sugar,
add flavoring and enough confectioner’s sugar to form a soft roll with the fingers, then form into small rolls.
Put on a buttered platter to set, then coat them with the following:
Melt sweetened chocolate in a double cooker and with a skewer dip each cream roll into it.
Put on the buttered platter to dry, then roll… Continue reading