French Artichokes

From 1917: Pick off from the solid green globes the outer tough petals. Scoop out with a sharp pointed knife the fuzzy centers, leaving the soft base, which is the luscious morsel. Cut each artichoke in halves, wash, drain and fry brown on each side in olive oil. Make a tomato sauce and cook thirty minutes. Then serve hot… Continue reading

Green peas in ambush

From 1917: Remove the wilted leaves from a large head of lettuce, carefully remove the heart (retain for salad) without cutting through the stalk. Fill with 2 ½ cups of small green peas, add 1 small onion and a sprig of parsley. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and a half-teaspoon of sugar.
Tie the leaves together with tape and cook 30 minutes in chicken broth or boiling water. Drain and dress… Continue reading

Browned Parsnips a la Creme

Boil parsnips like any other vegetable. When cooked, drain them, mash, add salt and pepper to taste, then brown in the skillet two tablespoons of flour; when browned, add a half tablespoon of butter, then slowly add one cup milk so it will not thicken all at once, but form a nice, smooth cream; then mix with the parsnips.… Continue reading

Mushrooms sur le Plat

This is one of the best of the mushroom dishes. Put small flap mushrooms on a plate that will stand the fire and lay a morsel of butter in each; add salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon and a drop of water, and press a strip of paste around the rim of the plate; the mushrooms must be in a single layer only. Press a second plate… Continue reading

Mushrooms a la Soyer

From 1912:

Toast a square slice of bread to a delicate brown; lay it on a dish and put on it four freshly gathered mushrooms. The toast should be spread with Devonshire cream and the mushrooms should be filled with it; or, if this is not at hand, ordinary cream or butter may be used in place of it. A little salt and white pepper are… Continue reading


Take two or three summer squash, the yellow crook necked ones are the best; one large onion, two green peppers and three or four ripe tomatoes (peeled). Chop fine in a bowl and season.
Put in a frying pan some good dripping, and when hot add the chopped vegetables and cook slowly one hour or more.… Continue reading

Lyonnaise Potatoes

Cook five minutes three tablespoonfuls dripping with one small onion cut in slices. Add cold boiled potatoes cut in slices, and sprinkle with salt, pepper and chopped parsley. Stir until well mixed. Let stand until potatoes are brown underneath; fold and turn on a hot platter… Continue reading