This stuffing is for either goose or duck. Peel four large onions and boil till tender, strain, and chop fine. Add ¼ lb. breadcrumbs, 10 sage leaves, 2oz. suet, with salt and pepper to taste. Mix thoroughly.… Continue reading


Take ½ lb. fresh breadcrumbs, ¼ lb. chopped suet, and the same of lean ham or bacon, 3 tablespoonfuls of chopped parsley, a teaspoonful of grated lemon peel and sweet herbs, two eggs, and enough milk to bind together. Some people add four uncooked sausages to this stuffing.… Continue reading

Cornbread Turkey Stuffing

To make the plain egg bread that is its foundation use a quart of meal, two eggs, one large cup of milk, a level teaspoon of soda and the same of salt.
Make a batter and if it seems too thick add a little water and bake the bread about thirty minutes. To make the stuffing use two parts of the egg bread to one of cold biscuit… Continue reading


Make a pan of egg bread with one egg; a pint of sifted meal into which two even teaspoons of baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt have been placed. Mix with a cup of sweet milk and two tablespoons of cooking oil, or its equivalent in lard. Bake to a light golden brown. Take a loaf of stale white bread and mix with the cornmeal egg… Continue reading