Marshmallow Ice Cream

Put one cupful of sugar and a quarter of a cupful of water into a saucepan and let it boil without stirring until it will spin a thread when dropped from the spoon (230 degrees) . Add half a pound of fresh marshmallows cut in halves and when partially melted beat until smooth, using an egg-beater. Pour, while beating constantly, on the stiffly whipped whites of three eggs and beat… Continue reading

Turkish Parfait

From 1922:

Steep a quarter of a pound of fresh roasted coffee beans in two cups of hot cream for 30 minutes.
To this infusion add the yolks of five eggs well beaten and place the mixture in a double boiler and stir until thick-do not boil-remove from the fire and strain into a bowl set in a pan of cracked ice; add half a cup of cream and… Continue reading

Ice Cream

From 1922:

To two large cans (or four small ones) of evaporated milk, add one of the cans full of water, and egg for each can, and sugar to taste (it should be just a mite too sweet before freezing, as it loses some of the sweetness when chilled, as do all sweets). Mix all together and lastly add vanilla extract. Crush a box of cleaned strawberries and sweeten… Continue reading

Plain Ice Cream

I notice a request for plain ice cream and beg to submit my little recipe.
It calls for one quart of sweet milk, a half pint of sweet cream, one cup sugar, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, one junket tablet.
Warm the milk to just blood heat and dissolve the sugar in the milk; put junket tablet in tablespoon of cold water, crush it with a spoon and add it… Continue reading

Meringue Glace

Soak two tablespoonfuls of gelatine in a quarter of a cupful of cold water for an hour, then dissolve it in a cupful of rich milk heated just to the boiling point; strain through a hair sieve into a quart of rich cream; add a cupful of sugar and a teaspoonful of orange or vanilla extract, and freeze.
When frozen, pack in a mold and leave in the freezer for… Continue reading