Whole Wheat Macaroni

From 1922:

One cupful whole wheat macaroni (four oz.).
One-half cupful diced bacon (two slices).
Two tablespoonfuls chopped onion.
Two tablespoonfuls chili sauce.
Salt, paprika to taste.

Boil the macaroni in salted water for fifteen minutes, drain and rinse. Meanwhile fry out the diced bacon until it is light brown and crisp and remove from the pan. Put in the onion, fry it until light brown and remove from the pan. Then put in the partly cooked macaroni and brown it all over, stirring so that all is crisp. Return the bacon and onion to the pan, add the chili sauce and seasonings and just enough hot water to keep the food from sticking and to allow it to steam. Cover the pan tight and let it cook for ten minutes or so, adding water as necessary. Before serving, remove the cover and cook off most of the liquid so that each piece is quite distinct. Serve as the main dish for luncheon or supper or as the starchy vegetable for a meat dinner.