Walnut Candies

Pull and stretch till about an inch

Ingredients: ¼ lb. brown sugar, half a teacupful of golden syrup, ½ oz. butter, half teacup water, ½ oz. chopped walnuts, pinch cream of tartar, and a drop or two of tartaric acid. Boil the sugar and water until it looks clear, add cream of tartar, acid, butter, and golden syrup, and boil till some dropped in cold water will set. Pour on to an oiled flat dish, put the walnuts on top and fold the edge over into the middle with a greased knife. Keep on doing this until all the walnuts are mixed in. Oil the hands and scissors, and cut the candy into thick strips. Pull and stretch till about an inch wide, and cut into cushions, like bull’s eyes. Must be quickly done as it soon hardens.