Veal Blanquette

Select veal breast; have it cut in

Select veal breast; have it cut in pieces as for stew. Wash it well; put into a saucepan; cover with cold water; add a spoonful of salt; let come to a boil. Have one dozen of small onions; parboil them.
Into another saucepan put a good lump of butter and about three spoons of flour; stand on a mild, slow fire, stirring in all the time the broth in which you had parboiled your meat.
Boil until sauce is made; add a little salt, white pepper, a bouquet consisting of parsley, celery, bay leaf, one piece of thyme and a little red pepper won’t hurt. Let it cook for an hour.
When nearly done put into the pan a can of mushrooms. Before serving beat well two yolks of eggs and mix them in. Serve hot.