Tomato Catsup with Peach Leaves

One-half bushel of ripe tomatoes

One-half bushel of ripe tomatoes, sliced without peeling, one quart of good vinegar, one pound of salt, one fourth pound each of black pepper and allspice, whole, one ounce each of cayenne and whole cloves, three boxes (twelve-cent size) of ground mustard, a handful of fresh, clean peach leaves, a root of garlic, six large onions and two pounds of brown sugar.
Boil all together for three hours, stirring to keep from burning; let cool and rub through a sieve. Some prefer to add the sugar after straining, then cook a little longer, until of the right consistency. Some prefer to boil the catsup down quite thick and then add the vinegar, as boiling injures the vinegar.
Put into small bottles, boiling hot and cork tightly and seal. If boiled down thick enough, it will keep two years.