How to cook poultry four years old so that it will be tender

How to cook poultry four years old so that it will be tender.
Prepare the poultry as for roasting, but do not stuff it. Place it on a small wire stand in a saucepan large enough just to hold it comfortably. Put about two cupfuls of hot water into the bottom of the saucepan and sprinkle the bird with a little salt. Put the lid on the saucepan and see that it is quite securely closed so as to let out as little steam as possible. Steam gently until the bird is tender, taking care not to let the saucepan boil dry, but keeping just enough water in it to ensure plenty of steam. mi It may take three or four hours or even longer to make the fowl tender. When it is tender it may be taken up and stuffed, and a few slices of bacon tied over it. It can then be plated in the oven and roasted in the ordinary way till it is nicely browned. It needs frequent and generous basting to keep it moist. After steaming, the fowl need not, of course, be roasted, but can be served with parsley sauce or may be cut up and fricasseed or made into a pie. The water used in steaming it helps to make a well flavoured gravy.