The Secret of Suet Crust

This recipe for suet crust comes from the island of St. Helena.

For example, in making an apple pudding with the suet crust, proceed as follows: To two cups finely chopped suet take three cups flour and a scant teaspoon of salt and soda together, and rub in the suet thoroughly, as for pie crust; then add enough water to make a dough that can be rolled out easily and roll it in a thick half inch sheet, and in the center put finely chopped tart apples which have been sweetened and flavored to taste.
Then lay this upon a well floured pudding cloth, pour a little water over the apples just before pinching the dough, and tie the cloth securely, allowing a little room in which the pudding may swell. Immerse this in boiling water and let it boil steadily for three or four hours, when it is ready to serve with such sauce as may be desired.
This suet crust will make just as delicious chicken pie.