serve it along with apple sauce.

One sucking pig, chestnut or sausagemeat stuffing, a little salad oil, brown gravy, horseradish, apple sauce, or jelly. The little pig for roasting should not be more than three or four weeks old. Have it well washed and dried, and season the inside with pepper and salt; prepare some sausagemeat stuffing; parboil and chop the liver, then add it to it; put this stuffing into the pig, and sew it up. Then place the little pig on a roasting tin. Bend the hind feet forward and the forefeet backward. Fix them with two skewers close to the body; now brush over the body with salad oil, and tie several folds of well-greased paper over the back. Roast in a good oven, basting frequently. A short time before it is ready remove paper to allow the back to brown. The skin should be brown and crisp. When ready remove the trussing thread and skewers. Cut the middle from head to tail, cut off two pieces of head. Serve the body back to back on a hot dish, and place half head at each end. Garnish with horseradish and a little parsley. Mix some good gravy, and serve it separately along with apple sauce.