Split pork tenderloins almost through; make a

From 1912:

Split pork tenderloins almost through; make a stuffing as for fowls using bread crumbs, a seasoning of salt, pepper, a little thyme and grated onion, and two tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Spread a thick layer of this over one of the loins and place the second on top of this; tie firmly together in several places.
Put a little butter or dripping into a frying pan and when it is hot, brown the meat nicely in it on all sides. Then add two cupful of boiling water and cook over a slow fire for thirty minutes. The meat should be covered after adding the water. A little browned flour may be stirred in
after the meat is taken out and this will make a delicious gravy.
Cooking it in the frying pan saves the trouble of heating the oven when the meat is the only thing to be roasted for dinner. One has in this a good and economical dish. It is equally good sliced cold for luncheon.