Stuffed Broilers, Braised

Clean and wipe dry four broilers; pull skin down over neck bone

From 1911:

Clean and wipe dry four broilers; pull skin down over neck bone and sew, or tie well. Parboil in salted water two pairs of sweetbreads, then put them into cold water into which half of a lemon has been sliced. Let remain 15 minutes, and then remove all skin and pipes. Drain one large can of mushrooms and add to sweetbreads with two hard boiled eggs, four green onions, a small piece of garlic, a small bunch of parsley and a piece of celery, or celery salt. Chop all very fine, adding one cup of bread crumbs (toast the bread in an oven and then roll fine); two tablespoons of soft butter, half teaspoon each of powdered sage, white pepper and thyme. Make as hot as liked with tabasco. Beat one egg well, stir this into mixture with salt to taste. With a large fork beat all very light.
Stuff each broiler, but not too full, leaving room to swell. Sew up opening very well. Put one large cup of clarified butter into a good sized frying pan; when hot put in broilers and sear all over, putting them then into a braising pan. To butter in fry pan, adding more if needed, put one onion, a clove of garlic and one carrot cut fine. Cook for five minutes, stirring all the time; then take from remaining butter the onion, etc., pressing juice from them. Put a tablespoon of flour to butter and stir until brown, adding them while stirring well until smooth, one pint of cold soup, stock or water, also water drained from mushrooms.
Strain this over the broilers — not using the fried onion, etc. Add one large tablespoon of butter, two teaspoons of lemon juice, tabasco, salt, pepper and sage to suit taste; a tablespoon each of finely chopped parsley and chives and one pint of sauterne. Cover very tightly and cook in rather medium oven one hour; then see if more stock is needed.Cook half an hour more. While broilers are cooking wash and scrape four bunches of French carrots, cut in slices and cook in slightly salted water until very soft. Drain well and let stand a few moments uncovered, then mash well and put through a coarse sieve; put two teaspoons of butter in a saucepan; when warm put in the mashed carrots, adding white peeper, salt and tabasco to suit. Put the saucepan on a heat-resistant plate over fire and beat well while it is getting hot; then add the well beaten yolk of one egg and beat fast and well until light. Make a border of this around edge of a large hot platter; put broilers in center and sprinkle all over with very finely minced parsley and chives.