Steamed Chocolate Pudding

This makes sufficient for three.

One large teaspoonful of cocoa, 1 small teacupful of milk, 1 small saltspoonful salt, 1 dessertspoonful sugar, 1 tablespoonful hot melted dripping, and 1 small teacupful flour. Mix the cocoa to a thin paste with a little milk, then add the remainder of milk. Pour this into a dish, then add the salt and sugar, then the dripping, stirring quickly, and then the flour, and beat to a sponge. Grease a small basin, and put a little of the sponge and then a layer or jam, a layer of sponge, and so on until the sponge is all used up, but the top layer must be sponge. Put in a saucepan, and steam for one hour. This makes sufficient for three.