Southern Style Turtle Soup

From 1912:

For one turtle weighing from four to five pounds: Kill over night or very early in the morning and hang up to bleed several hours. Scald it well and carefully scrape the outer skin off the shell. Open very carefully, so as not to break the gall, which must be discarded. Break up both shells, as much of the flavor remains in them, and put in the pot. Lay aside the fins, eggs and most delicate parts of the meat. Put the rest in a pot with two quarts of water and boil slowly till the meat drops to pieces. When nearly done drop in a bunch of parsley and thyme, one small onion stuck with two cloves and salt and pepper to taste. Rub together two large tablespoons butter and two of brown flour; stir carefully in the soup. To give it a fine color, brown one tablespoon of brown sugar and when sufficiently browned add a wine glass of water. Of this coloring put two tablespoons in the soup just before serving. The parts laid by must be rolled in browned flour and fried in butter. The fins should be parboiled and carefully cleaned, taking off the black skin. These must be fried with the other meat, and all the meat with the eggs must be put in the soup one hour before it is taken off the fire.
If the turtle has no eggs, boil hard six eggs, cut them in two and put in the soup just as it is taken off the fire. At the same time add Madeira or sherry wine sufficient to flavor. A spoon of genuine curry powder adds much to the result.