Sour Rabbit Fricassee

From 1912:

Thoroughly clean a rabbit, cut up into medium sized pieces; put this in an earthen bowl, cover with half water and half vinegar; add to this a half lemon (sliced), peel and all; one onion sliced fine, a couple of bay leaves, cloves, whole black pepper pounded fine (this may be put in a cheese cloth bag if preferred), salt to taste.
Now let this stand a day or two so the rabbit gets thoroughly seasoned, then cook it. Put all the contents into a porcelain lined or agate ware kettle, add to this a potato (parboiled), celery and carrot.
The cooking requires careful attention, as the rabbit is very tender from the vinegar. When cooked, put meat in a separate kettle. To thicken gravy, which should have absorbed to the desired quantity required, take two good tablespoons of flour and brown, then add, when brown, a tablespoon of half butter and lard, then add the gravy
slowly; stir and cook until desired thickness, then add gravy to meat.