Scalloped Cabbage with Meat

From 1912:

Boil a head of cabbage in two waters, and when you cook cabbage always leave the pot uncovered and have standing near it on the stove a cup of vinegar. Drain the cabbage, let it cool, and chop it fine. Butter a pudding dish and strew it with fine crumbs. On this put a layer of minced cabbage seasoned with salt and pepper; dot it with bits of butter, then put on more crumbs and a layer of chopped cornedbeef.
You may use ham, but in this case omit the salt from the layer of cabbage. Continue in this way until your dish is full. Pour in a cupful of the liquor in which your corned beef was boiled, strew crumbs on the top and over the grated cheese, bake, covered for half an hour, uncover and brown. Serve in the dish in which it was cooked.