Sauce for Pheasants, Roast Quail Croquettes or Chicken

Heaping tablespoonful butter; tablespoonful sifted flour

From 1889:

Mrs Secretary Noble has a brown book with crinkly yellow leaves. She guards it carefully for it contains the recipes garnered in twenty-five years. She has copied them all herself and here is her favorite and the secretary’s. It has driven epicures to whom she has served it to rise and exclaim “With such sauce one might eat ones grandfather.”
“Sauce for pheasants, roast quail croquettes or chicken” is the label and these are the directions:
Heaping tablespoonful butter; tablespoonful sifted flour; rub well together. One-half pint broth, two teaspoonfuls mushroom, two teaspoonfuls catsup, two tablespoonfuls cream, two teaspoonfuls lemon juice. Put on to boil, stirring well. Then add yolks of two eggs beaten light, constantly stirring and never allowing to
boil or it will curdle. When thickened by the eggs, serve or place in hot water until wanted. Signed LIZABETH NOBLE.
We whisper in confidence to housewives that water does as well as broth, although she said Secretary Noble claimed be could tell the difference.