Sardine Savories

Sift the flour and cornflour on to a board

From 1922:

Two ounces of cornflour, 1 egg, 1 oz. Butter, 2 oz. grated cheese. 2 oz. flour, six or eight sardines, salt and pepper, fry fat. Sift the flour and cornflour on to a board. Make a well in the centre, add a pinch of salt, half the grated cheese, the yolk of the egg, and a few drops of water. Work this to a smooth and stiff paste, which must be well kneaded for at least ten minutes. Wipe the sardines gently with a damp cloth. Roll out the paste as thinly as possible and cut into oblong pieces. Melt the latter, dip into this each sardine, roll in grated cheese, place in a piece of paste. Drop into hot fat, fry gently a golden brown, take up and drain well. Sprinkle over, with the rest of cheese mixed with seasoning, and dish up.