Salmi of Venison

garnish with parsley cut fine

Cut the venison into small pieces; into a fry pan put one-third pound of salt pork cut into dice, fry until light brown; remove the pork from the grease, cut fine one onion and one clove of garlic, put these into grease and cook until light brown; take these from grease also.
Stir in a heaping tablespoon of flour, adding butter if not enough fat, cook the flour brown; stir into this three cups of stock if you have it, if not use water; cut up a carrot in small fancy pieces. Put this with venison in a casserole; strain the brown gravy over, adding one cup of red Chianti, a bay leaf, pinch of rosemary, sage and mace, one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, a tablespoon of chopped parsley and chives. Cover tightly; put into oven and simmer one hour. Then put in one dozen mushrooms cut in pieces, a tablespoon of truffles cut into slices.
Cook 15 minutes more; dish up on large platter and garnish with parsley cut fine and slices of hard boiled egg and toasted croutons.