Six ounces macaroni, 6oz. grated

From 1922:

Six ounces macaroni, 6oz. grated cheese; one rabbit, 2 teaspoonfuls of prepared mustard, salt, cayenne, a little milk, vermicelli, puff paste. Boil the macaroni till tender, stew the rabbit, then cut off all the flesh; cut the macaroni up in small pieces; mix the cheese with it, then the rabbit which may be cut into strips or minced; mix all these together, add the salt, cayenne and mustard, and moisten with a teacupful of milk, butter a piedish, sprinkle it over with vermicelli, and line it with puff paste, pressing it gently into the dish, fill it with the mixture, cover the paste and bake in a moderate oven for an hour, then turn it out of dish; pour a little brown gravy round it, and garnish with small forcemeat balls and tomatoes.