Ripe Grape Jelly

Stem the grapes, wash them, and pu

Stem the grapes, wash them, and put them over the fire in a kettle without other water than that which clings to them from the washing. Cover closely, bring to the boil very slowly and simmer until the fruit is broken to pieces, aiding the process occasionally by stirring up the fruit from the bottom of the kettle with a wooden spoon or long handled paddle. Rub the fruit through a colander or vegetable press, taking only a moderate quantity at a time.
Put the juice and pulp which come through into a flannel bag and hang it to drip. When all the juice is strained measure it and allow a pound of sugar to each pint of juice.
Put the sugar in pans and set it in the oven where it will heat but not melt; return the juice to the fire and bring to a boil. Keep at this for twenty minutes, turn in the sugar boil up once, and take from the fire and put into jelly glasses.