Wipe and cut up 1 lb. of rhubarb and stew it

Wipe and cut up 1 lb. of rhubarb and stew it until tender, with 3 oz. sugar. Put this into a piedish with two sliced bananas and ¼ lb. prunes which have been previously stewed and stoned. Put a pint of milk (two breakfastcupfuls) on to boil, and when at boiling point sprinkle in two tablespoonfuls of ground rice. Cook for a few minutes until of a nice pudding consistency. Remove from the fire, add a pinch of salt, a dessertspoonful of sugar, a few drops of flavoring, and the yolk of an egg. Pour this on the top of the fruit and allow to cool. Beat the white of the egg to a stiff froth, sweeten with a little sugar, place in little rough heaps here and there on the top;put into the oven for a few minutes only to firm the meringue. After this has been done, decorate with little dots of jam and sprinkle with a little castor sugar.