Puff Paste

From 1922:

Keep a wooden spoon and a mixing board for some minutes in very hot water and then in very cold water. Use these to work and wash one half pound (one cup) of butter in very cold water until pliable and smooth. Pat into a rectangular shape rather less than three-eights of an inch thick, fold in a cloth and set in a cool place.
Work two cups of flower and one-half teaspoon salt with cold water to a dough and knead until elastic; cover with mixing bowl and let stand five minutes.
Pat and roll into a rectangular sheet rather more than twice the width and three times the length of the prepared butter. The butter is now enclosed. Fold one end of the paste evenly over and the other end of the paste under the enclosed butter and press the edges together all around.
Turn the paste half way round that it may be rolled in a direction opposite to the first rolling; pat with the pin and roll out, keeping the layers even. Fold the paste to make three layers, turn half way round and again roll out.
Rolling the paste, folding in three layers and turning half way round is called one turn. The pastry should be given six turns when it is ready for use as desired. The first rolling with butter is the first turn.