Potato Pudding

Take a quart of potatoes, boil them soft

From 1747:

In “the Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy”, by Mrs. Hannah Glasse, published in England in 1747, and therefore one of the first cook books on record; appears the following recipe for “potato pudding:”

Take a quart of potatoes, boil them soft, peel them and mash them with the back of a spoon, and rub then thru a sieve, to have them fine and smooth; take half a pound of fresh butter, melted; half a pound of fine sugar; beat them well together, till they are very smooth; beat six egg whites and all; stir them in, and a glass or sack of brandy. You may add half a pound of currants, boil it half an hour, melt butter with a glass of white wine and sweeten with sugar and pour over it. You may bake it in a dish, with puff paste all around the dish and at the bottom.