Potato and Minced Mutton Pudding

Mince 1 lb. of lean mutton

From 1922:

Mince 1 lb. of lean mutton, 1 onion, 1 tablespoonful of parsley, pepper and salt, and grate a touch of nutmeg, mix well and moisten with about two tablespoonfuls of milk. Make a stiff paste with mashed potatoes, flour, and milk, adding a teaspoonful of salt. If an egg is available, use instead of milk. Keep on adding flour till the paste will not crumble nor break off when rolled out. Roll to about half an inch thick; butter the pudding basin well, cut piece for bottom of bowl, then put layer of paste and of minced mutton alternately till bowl is full enough to get the cover of paste. Pinch in well to sides of bowl, cover with greased paper and steam three hours.