cover well with grated cheese and serve.

In serving polentas for a dinner, one only needs a lettuce salad, polentas, a light dessert and black coffee.

To make the polentas get a pound of round steak, grind fine, add one well beaten egg, two tablespoons breadcrumbs, one small onion, four sprigs of parsley chopped fine, salt, pepper; make into balls.

One can tomatoes, one bell pepper, one onion, two bay leaves, one pint of water, or more if needed. Boil one hour, put through a sieve and add a tablespoon of lard; salt and pepper.
Into this sauce put the polentas and boil gently for 40 minutes. Now take one pound spaghetti, two quarts of water, tablespoon salt. Drop spaghetti in after water is boiling and boil for 40 minutes; drain and put on center of a large platter; place polentas around the edge, pour sauce over all and, over that, cover well with grated cheese and serve.