From 1922:

An appetising pudding.
2lb. plums, one breakfast-cupful fine breadcrumbs, 4oz. sugar, 1oz. butter, grated yellow rind of one lemon. Halve the plums; crack some of the stones, and bleach and chop the kernels. Butter a piedish, and line thickly with breadcrumbs. Put in half the plums, sprinkle with 2oz. sugar and half of the lemon rind and chopped kernels. Then put in a layer of breadcrumbs; then the rest of the plums, sugar, lemon rind, and kernels. Finish with a layer of crumbs, sprinkle with sugar, and dot with little pieces of butter. Bake in a brisk oven for half an hour, turn on to a dish, sprinkle with sugar, and return to the oven for 10 minutes. Serve with custard. The pudding is equally good hot or cold.