Cut a medium sized cauliflower into small clusters

Plain Chow Chow:
Cut a medium sized cauliflower into small clusters, peel half a pint of small onions; put with them six green tomatoes sliced, six green peppers sliced, one pint little cucumbers, two large cucumbers sliced. Arrange a thick layer of vegetables in an earthen crock; strew with salt; make another layer of the vegetables and of the salt and continue in this way until all are used. Pour in cold water to cover, laying a weighted plate on top of all. At the end of three days pour off the brine, pick over and rinse the pickles, cover them with fresh cold water, and leave them in this for one day.
The pickle vinegar is made as follows:
One teaspoon each of celery seed, white mustard seed, whole cloves, whole black peppers, whole mace, and grated horseradish, one cup and a half of brown sugar, one gallon of vinegar. Bring to a boil and cook for five minutes, drop in the pickles, and boil together for thirty minutes. Put up in air tight jars.
Mustard Chow Chow:
Prepare vegetables as in preceding recipe up to the stage when the pickle vinegar is made. To the ingredients named add two teaspoons of turmeric and three tablespoons of ground mustard, cook all together for five minutes and put the pickles into the vinegar. Simmer for five minutes, take the pickles out with a skimmer, put them into a stone crock, pour the vinegar over them, and leave them in this for two days. Drain off the vinegar, heat it again, add a tablespoon of curry powder, boil up once, pour over the pickles, and when they are cold put them in small jars and seal. Not good to eat under a month.