Plain Ice Cream Recipes – cooked & uncooked

There are many ways of making ice cream

From 1913:

There are many ways of making ice cream and all of them have something to commend them. One of the best is made with a custard of a quart of milk, three eggs, and a cup of sugar. Stir together the sugar and the beaten yolks of the eggs, add the whites, and turn all into the hot milk, carefully.
Cook in a double boiler until the mixture is a creams color and begins to thicken, flavor to taste with vanilla, or add melted chocolate or strong black coffee at discretion and set aside to cool. When cold put with it a cup or a pint of cream, as you incline to have it rich or simple, turn into the freezer, pack in ice and salt and let it stand a little while to become well chilled before you begin turning the dasher. When it is so hard frozen that the dasher will no longer turn, take this out, pack the cream anew and let it stand, if possible, for an hour or more before serving. This is especially desirable if you add fruit to the cream, as the waiting is required to get the full flavor of the fruit. This should be put into the freezer when the cream is about half frozen.

Another good cream is uncooked and is made by freezing a quart of milk, a cup and a half of sugar, and either a cup or a pint of cream. Flavor to taste. This makes an excellent foundation for the addition of grated pineapple or chopped peaches or crushed berries or bananas or other fruit of any sort. If you wish you may beat the whites of two eggs light and put with this cream, adding only one cup of cream to the milk and sugar.

If you prefer a mousse or unturned ice cream make it of
whipped cream, sweetened and flavored with fruit juice, coffee, maple sirup, or any thing you like, and pack it in ice and salt, leaving it in this until it has frozen. This takes longer to freeze than an ice cream you make by turning the dasher.