Pickled Grapes

For this the grapes must be just ripe

For this the grapes must be just ripe, but not dead ripe or soft. They should be as fresh as you can get them. Pick them from the stems carefully, so as not to break the fruit, wash them and shake in a cloth, so as to remove part of the moisture; then weigh the fruit. For every seven pounds of this allow four pounds of granulated sugar, a quart of vinegar, and put these over the fire with a teaspoonful each of cloves and of cinnamon tied up in little bags of cheesecloth. Bring the vinegar sugar, and spices to the boil, and while they are heating pack the uncooked grapes in stone or glass jars.
Turn the boiling spiced vinegar in upon them and cover. Press down the grapes and hold them with a saucer or plate from floating if they are in a stone crock. They will be ready for use at the end of ten days. Watch them for any sign of fermentation, and if this should appear, drain off the vinegar, scald it again, and pour it back on the grapes while boiling hot.