From 1922:

Pare, core, and quarter the pears, juicy green ones are best, and keep the cores and parings. Put fruit and ½ oz. whole ginger to each lb. of fruit into the preserving-pan with barely enough water to cover, simmer till soft, but not broken. Place pears singly on large dishes, add cores and peels to the juice with the ginger, and simmer one hour. Strain until clear, and return to pan with 1 lb. sugar to 1 lb. fruit, bring to boiling point, and skim well. Put in pears and boil 15 minutes. Turn carefully into an earthenware bowl. Next day drain the syrup once more, and reboil, add fruit, and boil 15 minutes, and then put into small jars, which they should three-quarters fill. Continue boiling syrup until it jellies when tested on a cold plate. Pour over fruit, cover closely with paper dipped in thin boiled starch, and store in a cool, dry place.
Another recipe is for 6 lb. of peeled and quartered pears, 4 lb. sugar, 2oz. root ginger, crushed or ½ lb. preserved ginger, ½ teaspoonful cayenne. Let sugar and fruit stand overnight with two cups cold water. Put into preserving-pan with ginger, &c., and boil 4 ½ to 5 hours.