With any treatment the marmalade is delicious.

Peel and stone peaches. The smaller or yellow varieties will serve for this. Weigh the pared and pitted fruit allowing to every pound of it three quarters of a pound of sugar, and cook the fruit by itself for three-quarters of an hour, stirring it constantly. At the end of this time turn in the sugar and cook for ten or fifteen minutes, taking off any scum which may rise to the top. You may either put it up at this stage or you may add to it the kernels of a dozen or so of peach stones, chopped fine, and the juice of a lemon for every three pounds of fruit, or you may put in a tablespoon of preserving brandy for every pound of fruit. With any treatment the marmalade is delicious.
There should be a good deal of extra juice and if this is dipped out after the addition of the sugar and of any flavouring and sealed in bottles it makes a fine sauce for baked or boiled puddings.