Pay Director GE. Thornton’s Recipe for Fish Chowder

Take one-half pound fat salt pork, cut into slices and fry out well.
Slice four large onions and fry in the pork fat until they are a light brown. Stir constantly to prevent burning, and thus make the chowder better.
Put this into a pot with three quarts of boiling water and let it boil twenty minutes. Skim out the pieces of pork and onion and add ten potatoes, sliced, not too thin, and boil twenty minutes, then add two pounds of solid fish-shred and boil ten minutes if the fish is not cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste.
When cooked stir in slowly a thickening made of two tablespoonfuls of farina mixed in cold milk, and let it boil up once only. Put the pot back on the fire, and after letting it stand a few moments, skim off the scum which
will rise to the top and serve.
Recipe sufficient for eight persons.