Orange Straws by Cleo Madison

From 1915:

Girls who can cook are usually the kind of girls who can turn their hands to anything. That’s why t made up my mind a long time ago to get into the cooking class. I’d rather have the earning capacity with which to insure my independence than a fortune. The first stays with you. The second is likely to disappear over night. And now for what I like to cook. Let me see. There are cakes, the real nice, rich, melty ones that you can’t hold in your mouth long enough. And there are salads. Oh, how I do love to put the bright colors of the fresh garden products together in an appetizing salad. But when it all comes to all, I believe my favorite recipes are those which when put to practical use add to the brightness and tastiness of the dessert course.

Here is one of my pets:

Orange Straws – Cut orange peel into quarter-inch strips. Put into boiling water as many pieces of peel as can be easily handled. Boil five minutes, drain, cover again with boiling water, boil five minutes more and drain again. Repeat this operation the third time and drain thoroughly.
Make a syrup of three tablespoons of sugar and one teacup of water and when it boils add peel. Cook until absorbed, remove from pan. While still hot, roll in granulated sugar. Place straws in oiled paper in a pan and put in oven until dry. Have everything ready for immediate use after peel is taken from the water, as they must be handled quickly.