Omelet a la Orange By Lule Warrenton

From 1915:

Someone has said that the most difficult problems have been turned to successful issues by the aid of a well-cooked dinner.
And someone else has opined that no matter how ill-tempered a mere man may be, his heart can be turned to sweeteness and his wrath to smiles by toothsome viands.
I advise all femininity to add the culinary arts to its list of accomplishments.
My favorite recipe is omelet a la orange prepared like this:

Thoroughly beat together until thick the yolks of five eggs. Add five tablespoonfuls of orange juice, equal amount of powdered sugar and grated rind of one orange. Fold in lightly the well-beaten whites of four eggs. Put butter in omelet pan. When hot put in omelet; cook quickly and thoroughly, but not hard. Fold edges over and serve with sliced oranges and powdered sugar.