Oatmeal Bread

Three cups rolled oats,
one cooking spoonful of lard,
one cooking spoonful of sugar,
one level tablespoonful of salt

Pour over these three cups of boiling water, beat all together and allow to cool.
Put one cake of compressed yeast into one cup of tepid water, then add to mixture.
Take dough, place on floured board and mix in enough flour to make stiff loaves.
Put into well greased pans.
Allow to raise until double in size.
Put into oven hot enough to brown a paper in three minutes.
At end of five minutes lower heat of oven and bake bread slowly for one hour.
This recipe makes three large loaves of bread and costs including fire fifteen cents. The economical
housewife will bake a tin of beans on the lower grate of the oven while this bread is baking.